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Updated: May 29, 2021

Shrink Film PVC (Coil type)

Shrink Film PVC material (Coil type) is suitable for customers with a wide range of products. Take to cut to be suitable With each product

Shrink Film PVC material (Coil type) is suitable for most industries

The size can be cut as needed. Mostly used with work Drinking water packaging pack, Glass bottle pack.

We can produce plastic width from 40-720 mm. Thickness from 20-70 microns / sheet

Shrink Film Strapping PVC Product Roll Type Core

Suitable for customers who want to be cut to be used with a variety of sizes Or used with long products together

Flat-rolled PVC shrink film

Suitable for packing products There are many (6-12) pieces, the bag mouth style opens 1 side. The other side will have an iron mark. Flat-rolled shrink film Look like a bag Which will open only one side of the bag The other side will be rolled. Suitable for packing multiple products together.

Shrink film Open-cut PVC Suitable for packing or bulk pack products (6-12 pieces). The bag mouth is opened on both sides, shrink film, open cut type. Look like a bag Which will open both sides of the bag, suitable for packaging multiple products

Curved PVC shrink wrap film

For packing a wide variety of products The company can design various shapes of curvature. To suit each product shape When packaged, it will be beautiful. Can be used with a variety of products such as jars, bottles, tubes, boxes, etc.

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