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Thaikusang Plastic Co.,Ltd.(1980)
Established and operated business for over 40 years
Thaikusang Plastic is a manufacturer and distributor of shrink film products. Type of PVC Shrink Film and Shrink Film PE Shrink Film (Shrink Film) PE Shrink PVC Shrink, stretch film, shrink wrapping products, etc. commonly used to pack. Widely products in the market such as bottle pack (cover), bottle cap caps, jars, box packaging, cosmetics , Foam tubes, various utensils, food and medicine etc.

Production target
 Is working diligently to produce quality products to fully meet the needs of customers by adhering to the principles of honesty, honesty, friendly customer service, affordable prices And still adhere to the principles of bringing products to be used for real benefits Therefore, resulting in us being accepted by customers for a long time Both quality and service

Benefits of using our shrink film
 To prevent dirt , Prevent activation (unpacking), for beauty Make the product always new Is a method for storing products that have not been sold to the market

Our outstanding things

Is that we are able to manufacture according to customer orders for all shapes and sizes of curves To be suitable for use in all shapes of work to achieve shrink film
That comes out suitable for your product, which the film will shrink tightly into your product, leaving no plastic scraps into lumps, making it unattractive as we use Blocks or designs that curve a variety of shapes Depends on your product
Making a cutting template Requires expertise Specific skills and characteristics that make customers popular and impressive
That will buy and use with our company's products To get the right shape To focus on the use and needs of customers to the utmost

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